Do You Believe In Guardian Angels?

Do you beAnglelieve in Guardian Angels? I have come to believe that there is someone or something that is watching over us. A couple of recent events that made me come to believe: There’s an intersection I drive through nearly every day where there is no stop light. There are stop signs, no lights. Well they are putting up the lights but they are not active yet. As I was coming out of the side street where there is only a sign, for some reason I looked in front, I looked to the right but for failed to look left. Mind you, cross traffic doesn’t have a stop sign, I pulled out and turned left. As I finished the turn, I realized that I failed to look left. The truck that was coming toward me was not traveling that fast, THANK YOU, LORD! I would guess that the reason for the new traffic lights at this intersection is because drivers do go pretty fast down this street.
The other incident was when I was driving in a city I was not familiar with and came to a stop sign. I stopped, looked, but didn’t see, if there was one, a sign that says 3-way stop. I proceeded and heard a horn. I looked to my left and saw a full-sized truck coming right at me. Saving grace here is that this is a mountain road and he was coming uphill. He waved, I mouthed “sorry” and we went on our way.

Now you may be thinking that I was just not paying attention and you’re right. But because I was not paying attention, someone or something was and that is what kept me safe. After both incidents I stopped and said a little prayer and thanked whomever it was for watching over me. That is why I believe in Guardian Angles.

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