Let Me Start By Saying…

805156f2-ceaf-4346-8708-05c834c763d7I am truly happy for you that you turned your life around.  You went from partying every weekend or even every night to being sober.  It did take an experience that could’ve turned out far worse than it did.  Thank God it didn’t.  Believe me, it might have been a life-changing moment for me, too.  My friend and I were recently hit by an intoxicated driver.  He hit the truck from behind on the passenger side, my side.  The impact spun our truck across all four lanes of the freeway.  Yes, it scared the crap out of me.  All I kept thinking was we were going to tumble over the guardrail.  But we didn’t.

That experience, however, did not change me enough to make me think I was better than anyone else, especially my friends.  I didn’t climb on my high horse and start looking down on people because they still do what they do.  I’m sure your friends were very supportive of your decision to make a change.  There is much to be said about someone that makes a choice to better themselves, very commendable.  It does not, however, make you a better person than anyone else.  You just became a more responsible person and a person that chooses not to live the life you had before.  In no way does that make you a better.

Your friends supported you every step of the way during your journey and are very proud that you made a choice to become sober.

Now that you are living the life you chose, please stop criticizing the lifestyles of your friends.  We have not chosen the same road and we are happy with that, just as you are happy with the road you’re on.

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