Just Entertain Us


During the Brett Kavanaugh Hearings, I came across a post from Alyssa Milano saying that no one had asked her for her opinion on Mr. Kavanaugh.  First of all, Ms. Milano, you are no longer relevant.  You had your glory with Who’s The Boss, Charmed, and probably dozens of Hallmark movies.  You, as an American Citizen, have every right to express your opinion but publicly saying that no one asked for it is a little narcissistic in my opinion.  Did you think that if someone had asked for your opinion that it might have influenced or even change the vote?

Celebrities are nothing more than regular people that chose to get into the Entertainment Business.  Their job is to entertain us, not push an agenda down our throats.  Every single American that is responsible enough has their own opinions, views and arguments about how this Country is run and who runs it.  Only because you are more known than John Smith from Main St., USA, do you believe that your opinion or argument means more or has more influence.  The people that do follow what celebrities say and do are the ones that cannot think for themselves.

We are a society that puts a celebrity on such a pedestal that it becomes almost a worship.  It is so unbelievable and very disheartening that our Society can be so weak-minded that we will blindly follow them.  Whether it be their stance on politics or as simple as buying something just because they say they use it.

It was actually gratifying to see that viewership for the EMMY® Awards were down by 11% from last year.  Makes you almost feel that maybe people are tired of watching celebrities celebrate themselves; tired of hearing their views on politics; tired of hearing who’s clothes they have on.  Does that really matter?  These people chose an occupation that requires them to entertain an audience that will pay hard-earned money to get away from everything else.  Now if celebrities want to use some of their money to help the homeless, help feed the hungry, or donate to any deserving cause, please do so.  Please stop telling us how we should vote, who we should believe or not believe.  Just do your job and entertain us.

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