Annoyance #2,218


I just don’t understand why people use the speaker on their cell phones in public!  Especially when their in a crowd.

First of all, if you use speaker while talking with me, I will find an excuse to get off the phone.  I hate having to fight the background noise to have a conversation.  I don’t want to have to ask you to repeat yourself after every other word.  Hell, I’ll just pretend I understood you and change the subject or find a way to hang up.

Secondly, when you’re in a crowd, it’s bad enough that you don’t find a way to walk far enough away as to where I can’t hear you, but now I’ve got to hear what “Bobby did at school today.”

If you have earbuds or Bluetooth, please simply excuse yourself from the crowd.

It’s common courtesy! Get some!

Saying Goodbye


I had to say goodbye to a friend today!  No, he didn’t pass away, he just moved to New York.  The reasons for the move are his to tell.

We have been friends for close to 15 years and though for a lot of those years we had our own lives, our own schedules and other friends that we hung around with more than we did each other.  Some of these other friends were mutual to both of us, most were not.  When we did hang out together, we would do what most friends do, talk about what was happening in our lives, what we did when we weren’t together.

Three weeks ago my friend announced that he was moving to Brooklyn.  Within these 3 weeks, he and I spent many days together just hanging out.  We talked about everything under the sun.  When I needed an ear, he was there to give me advise, put me in my place or just listen.  I hope he knows that I was here for him in the same capacity.  He even went to see a Horror Movie with me.  He doesn’t like them, but he went anyway.  Sometimes we just walked around a shopping mall and chatted.

All those years of friendship came down to 3 weeks.  And in those twenty one days, we had fun.  Even though it was only 3 weeks, it made realize that some things will be different.  Sure, we’ll call each other and talk, but no more last-minute hang outs, movies or lunches.

We all have to do what is best for ourselves and sometimes it means leaving behind the people you love, physically, anyway.

I wish my friend nothing but the best on his new adventures in the Big Apple.  No, it may not be forever, but that is not for me to decide and probably not even up to him.

I only ask one thing, Buddy, go “Live” from Times Square for me at least once.